The Rhythm of Us Couples Roadmap Course is incredibly easy to follow, and guides you through practical steps that can make your dream marriage become a reality. We’ve worked hard to build something REAL that shows you EXACTLY how to get results for yourself and your spouse.

It’s not your typical student/teacher learning environment. It’s more like sitting down over a cup of coffee with a friend, pastor, or trusted mentor.

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Meet Chris & Jenni


Chris and Jenni have married 18 years and they understand the ups and downs of marriage. They are passionate about married couples stepping into the plan and purpose that the Lord has for them. The Rhythm of Us Roadmap is almost two decades in the making. They have sought wisdom from those who have been married for 30, 40 & 50+ years. From these mentors and their own life experiences- they discovered these Rhythms that are helping thousands of couples finally get their marriage in Rhythm. When they aren’t writing and podcasting- they are chasing their 5 kids around Franklin, TN.


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