103: Jamie Ivey | Knowing Your Worth

Today, we’re chatting with best selling author and host of The Happy Hour Podcast, Jamie Ivey about how to fight back against insecurity, grow in confidence, and rest in exactly who God’s made us to be.  Jamie shares with us intentional ways to build courage and self worth in our kids and the rhythms that have led Jamie and her family to live from this place of confidence and security in Christ.  We hope you’ll enjoy this conversation as much a we did! Pull up a chair and join us!    Make sure to check out Jamie's new children's book, God Made You to be You. You can find all the resources and links mentioned in today’s episode over at our website, therhythmofus.com.   We hope you’ll check those out as well as our new book The Rhythm of Us, which is available for pre order now, wherever you like to get your books!  Thanks again for joining us, friends! Until Next Time!