108. Gary Thomas | Pursue Healthy Intimacy

Welcome to The Rhythm of Us Podcast. We’re your hosts, Chris & Jenni Graebe. This year, we’ve released a book we’ve been pouring our hearts & souls into for quite some time, called the Rhythm of Us and it is available now wherever books are sold! Throughout this season, we’ll be exploring the five rhythms from our book as well as sitting with and learning from wise leaders, mentors, and friends in our life about the intentional rhythms that can lead us closer to God & closer to each other. Happy December, friends! The book has officially launched and we could not be more grateful for your continuous love & support. You guys BOUGHT OUT Amazon! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What a wild ride, were so grateful for each one of you! Excited to say Amazon is restocked and the book is available now to order! We hope you will grab a book, grab your spouse and some friends to join us in January for a series unpacking each chapter of the book. It will be a great way to dive into the five rhythms if you’re looking to go deeper. So we hope you’ll join us for that! We have just a few more episodes this season before the year ends and we're so excited to share these conversations with you. This week we're talking with best selling author, pastor and professor Gary Thomas. Gary has written over 20 books including Sacred Marriage, Sacred Parenting and his latest project that we are chatting about today, Married Sex. Yep, we said sex. This is actually our very 1st episode on this subject, so everyone keep your big girl pants on, and let's do this. Gary reminds us all that a great sex life is not something you simply find, it's something you intentionally create. If you're feeling confused or frustrated about your sex life, or simply wonder, Is there more to it than this, you will love what Gary has to share with us today. We hope and pray this conversation will help make your marriage stronger, in and out of the bedroom. Listen in.